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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Drop the GPU to a 670 or even a 660 (should be out and reviewed before you build), for your res even a 670 is a bit overkill..

Gigabyte would not be a board that I would go near.. but thats personal brand preference.. Seen alot of MB problems from gigabyte and they are not known for great RMA service. Asus, Msi, Asrock are better options IMO.

Grab a 3570k unless you want to get a bit more overclocking headroom..
(sandy oc's better than Ivy, Ivy has better clock for clock speed and pci-e3 and some other stuff that is nice to have but not a deal-breaker if you rather the lil bit extra oc room)

SSD, I would go for a sandforce based drive.. OCZ Vertex3 / 4.. or Intel 520 (intel is quite expensive for size but the best drive and warrenty you'll find)

Watch the BST forum here for some parts coming up.. you may get almost everything if your lucky..
I agree with the GTX 670, but either go with the vertex 4 or keep the crucial M4. Both drives offer a real world performance advantage over the sandforce controller SSDs.

For the case the NZXT phantom 410 is a really neat looking case that could keep your system pretty cool.

You will also need a CPU heat sink to actually cool your CPU for an overclock. Thankfully you can get a pretty decent OC on both the i5 3570K and the i5 2500K with just a simple hyper 212 evo cooler.
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