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Very nice, you did a good job on the paint. Take some pics of it outside so the sun makes the paint pop.

About 4 years ago, I went and got paint mixed up into a spray can, it was Atomic Orange found on Corvette. It cost me about $30.00 to have it made up. I also recommend if you haven't you might want to pick up a spray can of clear.
When it's outside, all you see is the metallic flake. Once I have the panels done, I will take some shots outside.

I was told $35 plus tax for custom colors, which made it around $40 each 12 oz can. And I do plan to clear coat once I'm finished painting color. I probably should have just borrowed my dad's airless gun and bought a pint of Copperhead, but it's a bugger to clean up after and I don't have a lot of room to spray in the garage right now.

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
I think you may run in to issues w/ the R4E as well. I think it is too wide of a board to fit.
The R4E is 10.7 inches from the top of the case to the bottom of the board. I'm measuring about 11 5/8ths to the top of the rad right now, leaving me 3/4 of an inch to fit some right angle SATA cables in. I'm going to look for some pancake or flat head screws as the ones I have in there have a really large domed head. I'm really hoping it will fit, it would be a shame to have to swap it out for a lesser board.

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
Any other interior pics? Did you cut some of the drive bays out to get the rad to fit?
I haven't started cutting yet. I just popped the front and top back on to see how it looked. I will be taking out 1 or 2 drivebays from the bottom. That will leave me room for a double bay res/pump and my HDD cage. Pics will come as I have time to work on it. Not until next weekend, probably.
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