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Default ASUS Silent Square Pro: review by Anandtech

Another frank review by Anandtech- not very glowing remarks for the Silent Square Pro.

"ASUS advertises the Silent Square Pro as the ideal cooler for Core 2 Duo overclocking and gaming. Compared to other top coolers the Silent Square Pro is not a particularly good cooler for C2D overclocking. OC tops out at 3.81 GHz, where the Tuniq Tower 120, Scythe Infinity push-pull, OCZ Vindicator/SilenX, Scythe Ninja Plus B/SilenX, and Thermalright Ultra 120 all overclock to a stable 3.90GHz. The Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, our top air cooler so far, goes even further to 3.94 GHz. The less-than-top overclocking of the Silent Square Pro is compounded by the smaller and non-standard 90mm embedded fan. If a better replacement could be found the Silent Square Pro might be a better overclocker.

For gaming, we are talking about conditions similar to 80% CPU load, and the Silent Square Pro is not the best performer under load conditions either. Temperatures under load are not really competitive with the best coolers we have tested. Again the small fan with lower output is likely the issue. A higher output fan - if one were available - would likely solve much of this issue as well."

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