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Default SugarJ's "The Craven"

I've always been a fan of Silverstone cases, and I've always watched cases with BTX / alternate mounting schemes with some interest. My daily driver for the last couple of years has been a TJ-07 with a bunch of Murdermod alterations. Updating to an X79 system a few months back cured my building itch for a bit, but after seeing some nice Fortress 2 and Raven 2 builds over the winter when I got a chance to pick up an inexpensive Raven 2 I jumped on it.

Nearly at the same time, a Magicool 3x180 rad popped up on the BST. I know, it was destiny, right? That's what I keep telling the wife.

I like that we're seeing more case colors than black and white posted up in the build logs. I decided to see how well my painting skills would hold up and went hunting for a color. I saw a Dodge Viper a few weeks back in Copperhead Orange, and went hunting to see if I could get a couple spray bombs in the color. Apparently, you shouldn't pick a rare Viper color if you want to find some stock touch-up paint, and custom color spray bombs are about $40 per, at least that I could find. I wasn't about to pay $80 for the paint when I wasn't sure if I was going to screw up the case with my painting skills, so off to Canadian Tire I go.

I'd have preferred a pearl paint, but I found a Copper Metallic on the shelves. I think it looks ok. After 3 coats, here's the first parts in my Copper Raven, known from now on as The Craven:

The rad is just sitting in there, I was seeing whether I'll have to take out 1 drive bay or 2.

We're putting our home on the market next week, so updates will be infrequent. I plan on transferring my existing parts into this case except for the rad and reservoir, if they'll fit. The Rampage IV Extreme is going to be very tight against that rad and might have to be changed out.
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