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Default Some folders wth?

This is something I noticed in the past (but now it is getting on my nerves).

I have all permissions set properly, shares properly etc. Everything I can think of. HomeGroup Sharing blah blah blah.

I have a pictures folder with folders in it (approx 600 folders in the main picture folder on a backup drive). I can access 99% of the folders fine (they've gotten shared perfectly fine when adding them to HomeGroup Shared). Yet the odd one keeps giving me Windows cannot access\\gamingrigii\d\Backups\All Pictures\House Pictures. Because Windows 7 isn't adding it to the HomeGroup for sharing (when I added the main All Pictures to the HomeGroup Share).

It just doesn't make sense. I can't figure out why the other 590 folders get added fine, yet there are a few that won't get added to the HomeGroup sharing. In order to get into these odd folders. I have to first come across the problem folder and then manually add it to the homegroup share.

Anyone else had this issue and or know about this problem? And is there a easy fix?
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