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well sswilson, i see what ya mean. but at the same time i feel like many of those problems can potentially be justified.

First is the question of whether or not buy/sell rules would apply, and then, even if they do, what would we (mods and/or community as a whole) do about the Free"loaders" who ultimately always gravitate to these kinds of things? Image the outrage at the first flipper... now consider how we'd deal with it... we already get a lot of pushback when it seems like certain members are flipping items they've bought here even though they aren't breaking any buy/sell rules, I for one wouldn't want to multiply that.
Re-looking back at the buy/sell rules i dont see why they couldn't also be applied to a freecycle forum section (minus the legal software bit considering your giving it away?) and although its very true that flippers can cause an issue, i just dont imagine someone giving away something like a gtx 250 etc. Id imagine more along the lines of "i found alot of old gear, my pentium II, voodoo 3 and mx440, if anyone wants them send me a pm" Things of little to no value to most but perfect in that special occasion to someone who could legitimately use it.

IMO, the best bet would be to create a stanadard WTT thread, and if you want to give it away then say so in there.
i feel as if this may then clog the buy/sell forums causing a sort of "craigslist" effect (threads being posting, then already being a page back, etc) which im sure many members wouldn't especially want (speaking for myself here, but that's what i imagine)

Furthermore the Buy/sell thread is very (if not completely) tech oriented where as i imagine a freecycle thread may be more open to other things, like comics, old consoles, house material left-overs (paint, 2x4s? etc?)

Its just a thought i suppose. Im no green enthusiast but i do promote the idea that "one man's trash is another man's treasure" ( Ive personally been collecting big speakers that people leave on the road side,i then pull out the speakers themselves to eventually make a large coffee table peice that looks like a giant super surround sound speaker-table-thing)
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