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My System Specs


Hi All
Starting my new build and wanted to see what you think of my choices. Due to dollar value this will take 4 to six months to put together and please try to remember that building computers is a hobby to me .
I like FPS's ,I do some Hydronic ,HVAC and Geothermal design even though I am now retired, so here we go.
MM Ascension Extended Brushed Alum (for now anyway)
HPTX mobo tray assembly for pssible SR2 future upgrade
3- XPSC 120mm quad rads
1 XSPC 120mm Dual rad
24 120mm Enermax TB Silence 500-1500 RPM 45cfm 14db fans
Asus Rampage 4 extreme mobo
Corsair AX1200 power supply (possibly need a second for Quad SLI)
3 Aero Cool Touch 2000 Fan/temp controllers
2 MSI GTX 580 Twin Frozer's
2 EK Dual pump,dual outlet pump tops for up to 4 water loops
4 EK 200 mm tube res.
4 Swiftech MCP 655 Vari speed pumps
3 Dell U2410 Monitors

Still Collecting

Intel 3690X Proc
64 GB Corsair Dominator 1600MH Ram Quad channel
4 Evga 680 GTX Hydro Copper
2 EK Dominator Ram blocks
1 Heat Killer 2011 Proc block
complete Mobo Blocks
2 OCZ Vertex 4 240 gb ssd or 2 Intel 520 ssd (can't decide)
Tons of water fittings ,sensors etc.

Still Looking At
Fan Grills
Case Colours

Being a pipefitter etc., I am seriously looking at building my water loops using chromed 1/2" od and 5/8"od copper tubing or stainless steel, (no I am not afraid of having to retap water blocks) I've started sleeving some of the wiring with Paracord and so far I like it a lot better than standard sleeving.( no heat shrink)
My budy is further along with his toy than I am and it looks like this box will be around the 7K figure when its done YIKES
So thats where I'm at so far and I always apreciate other ideas etc Thanks in advance for your opinions
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