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Default NVIDIA & Hardware Canucks Giving Away Keys to the End of Nations Beta

NVIDIA has given Hardware Canucks 50-keys for a closed beta (taking place on August 10 through 12) of the hotly anticipated apocalyptic MMO, End of Nations, to give away to you, our loyal readers.

Set during a persistent global war of unprecedented scale, players in End of Nations team up in massive 50-player online battles to take down the corrupt and oppressive Order of Nations ruling faction. The first of a new genre of MMO RTS, the game will incorporate some RPG elements set in a persistent world like unlockable new units, abilities and super weapons to allow players to customize their army as they progress through the game. End of Nations will feature PvE, PvP and cooperative gameplay.

End of Nations is being developed as a PC-exclusive by Petroglyph Games, a studio founded by ex-Westwood Studios (of Command & Conquer fame) employees that has previously developed the critically-acclaimed Star Wars: Empire at War.

The game will be released as a free-to-play title, with the developer making money by offering an in-game shop that allows players to customize their character. Subscriptions will be available for frequent shoppers. The developer stresses that the game is not "pay-to-win", as in purchasing items won't give some players an advantage over others.

In anticipation of the launch of End of Nations, NVIDIA has released the GeForce 304.79 beta drivers which feature updated SLI profiles for this title and many others in addition to a buffet of helpful bug fixes.

End of Nations will be officially released on August 17.

Check out the E3 trailer for End of Nations here:

Please post in this thread if you want a Beta Key and we will send up a Private Message with the info.

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