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Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
So would AKG sugest then that buying the Xonar card with the senheiser pc350 bundle is a better purchase at the moment then 1 of these ?
I happen to have the Phoebus and the Xense cards. As AKG said,if you need a set of headphones,and if you like the PC 350's the Xonar Xense bundle is an excellent choice. Problem is trying to find the Xonar Xense for sale anywhere. I use my PC for gaming only,and tested both sound cards using headphones with several games including BF3. In my opinion,the Xense is a better card for gaming. While the Phoebus is a very very good card,I found the Xense gave a better positional and surround sound for hearing where things are coming from. The Xense software is easier to use,and has much better pre-game settings etc. in my opinion. It's too bad the Xense is sold only as a package with the PC 350's. It's too bad you can't even find the package for sale. I have every top end Creative card available that is 5.1 analog,and believe me,the Xense or the Phoebus will blow Creative right out of the water. I also compared the Phoebus and Xense to the Auzentech cards and have the same opinion. Anyone who already has the Xonar Xense,will have no need for the Phoebus or any other card for that matter. That said,and the fact that the Xonar Xense appears to be unavailable,anyone looking for a super card will be more than satisfied with the Phoebus.
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