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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Oh I am saying there will indeed be an improvement. It may even be massive....BUT its going to be subjective on how large an improvement you notice. The Phoebus is not a cheap soundcard. It has a good headphone amp, but - and please do not take this the wrong way - thats not going to come into play in most games on your PC350s. The audio engine in the games you play AND the 350s will be the weakest link. Maybe its just the snob coming out in me but I find the 350s to be mediocre at best and I find a lot of games to not exactly be 'deep' when it comes to the sound layering they do. Directionality will be improved, but is that enough to warrant the upgrade price? The headphone amp on the ROG P should also add some clarity to the headset you got, but even with the added clarity....its only a 60-40 chance on you going "WOW". 60/40 is a large risk to take on a 2 bill soundcard.

Now if you had a good speaker setup OR if you had higher grade headphones / headset than the difference would be probably be night and day large and i would say "go for it!!". As it is, if you got the coin you certainly will NOT consider it a downgrade...but I cant say with 100% certainty that you will go "it was worth it". If you are finding your existing setup lacking than yeah....go for it. But if you are happy, wait another year and another gen and THEN upgrade. I wouldnt be surprised if the second gen ROG soundcard blows the first gen out of the water.
Right there is the ticket Bf3 for instance has horrible sound , I'm pretty sure I can make better sounds while taking a shit then what BF3 offers .
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