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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
You should get better, clearer audio with the newer cards. Will it make a huge difference? Honestly, I dont know. You mainly use the soundcard for gaming and most games are not overly taxing on a cards abilities. Honestly depends on what games you play. But unless you really find your existing solution 'lacking' I wouldnt. Its not like you are using oboard sound....nor is audio that big a deal for your needs. YMMV but you could upgrade but I honestly dont know if you would go "wow, I have been missing out on so much". If you know what I mean. ;)
So your saying that yourself you believe there wouldnt be that significant diffrence/gain/improvement between a Xonar Phoebus / xsence in gaming/movie/music experience as well as audio recording/capture over a 1st Gen X-fi like i have?

thanks for the responce back btw
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