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My System Specs


July 26, 2012:

Finally got the majority of my hardware so I think it is a good time for a build log.

Forgot to take a pic of the case before I started to butcher it. But it is a Lian Li PC-A77F.
Lian-Li Global

Originally I was going to do a 2p AMD G34 system. But decided to move to Intel before ever actually using the board. Pic of the old board.

The blocks I bought specifically for it. Won't be using these either now.

Coolgate 420 w/ some BGears adapters. I love those adapters.

The nasty stuff out of the radiator. This is from the 4th or 5th flush. Never saved the gunk from the first 3 or so flushes.

Big pile of sleeving.

Recrimped the Gentle Typhoons for the radiator.

Here is my 'floating' reservoir.

Various radiator/fans/reservoir pics.

Finally reorganized all my modding supplies. Can't believe I used individual baggies for the past few years.

Wanted something unique for my tubing, MDPC-X Grand Bleu it is!

Now to add the coolant I mixed up. Added it to the radiator just for some pics.

This is the colour scheme I was planning on going w/ to match the AMD board. A friend was doing a very similar build so these cables didn't get wasted thankfully.

Checks out a-o-k on my trusty PSU checker.

About here is where I realized I wanted to go w/ Intel and convert this thing in to a gaming machine, not just a server. Going to need more radiators! But space was an issue so I needed something very slim up top. I had a Magicool 2x140mm slim laying around but unfortunately it is the wrong spacing.

So I took out the drill and drilled in to the radiator for new mounts. I slipped up a few times and drilled in to the rad, but thankfully I missed all the important stuff. :gasp:

It fits! Need to find some good black counter sunk screws methinks.

Well I guess it don't fit after all.

Got my EK blocks and backplates in. No real pics of the blocks yet.

One of Supremes.

And playing around w/ the coolant again.

One of the nekkid GTX680s. This is the Galaxy card. Nice black PCB. My other card, MSI Twin Frozr is a nasty brown. It definitely will be my bottom card.

Only pic I have of the block installed.

Backplate mounted on one of the cards.

Finally was able to afford the new board. Asus Z9PE-D8 WS.

Cleaned up my older Supreme HF. I guess Ice Dragon Cooling nanofluid leaves a residue on the blocks. Was able to polish it clean though.

Upon further comparision. This made me rather angry. Having to spend another $50 after shipping to get matching screws. :facepalm:

Mmmmm. Shade 19, where have you been my entire life?

Crimped the new 24-pin. DSLR battery had died so I used my iPhone to take the pic. :blush:

Shade 19 + Grand Bleu.

Cut off all the tabs off the sides of the 5.25" bays. They looked awful. I plan get some panels cut to cover up the sides of the bays.

Using my trusty nibbler to make it more cable management friendly. Also tapped a few new holes for cable management clips. Still have a bit to do here as you can see.

Did a few cuts in order to get the radiator to fit.

Yes! xD

Barely fits. Already putting a lot of pressure on the connector.

Test fitting one of the cards.

That is all for now.
Big Lian Li
Forever Alone

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