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Cheap and hosted in Canada seldom go together. Prices for quality hosting here are like rates for cell phone and broadband - overpriced for the most part. Also a word of advice - do not get and register you domain names with the same company you host with. In the event of future disagreements over hosting you may find your domains "held hostage".

It's been a while since I've done significant Canadian only hosting but for your needs it sounds like would probably suit you. If you were ok with a US based host I can recommend the one I've been with for the last 6 years :)

For a Canadian based domain registrar I can recommend I have been using them for several years and their service is great.

Addendum: A friend just mentioned that might suit your needs. He is correct, they are Canadian based and about as cheap as you could hope for here. Be advised however, they have a very restrictive terms of service. Even so far as to prohibiting forums and honouring US DMCA requests despite the fact it has no effect in law in Canada.
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