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In the review, you said, "Xonar lineupís main selling feature has always been their ability to emulate most EAX features rather than extreme sound fidelity. With every generation, ASUSí EAX emulation has become better and better and the Phoebus is no exception."

Neither of the games you tested use EAX or OpenAL in their sound engine. The GX option that ASUS sound cards use emulate EAX 2.0. The only games that I can remember being coded for EAX in the last four years were Bioshock, Kane & Lynch, and Call of Juarez. Those were true EAX/OpenAL hardware titles and a Creative card would perform hardware acceleration.

This card does not perform any hardware acceleration or playback of EAX effects in either of the two titles, so "Asus' EAX software emulation" was never at work. BF3 and Modern Warfare 3 have their own built-in sound engines. For BF3, did you change from headphone for headphone testing and check imaging and then home cinema for 5,1/surround testing?
Modern Warfare 3 has no options to change for sound besides music/sound/dialogue levels, so you heard whatever you heard.

Just wow dude, wow.

Cheers mate.

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