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Originally Posted by BigPhatPaulie View Post
and this only happens when the vid card is at full load? Sounds like its either a bad component on the card or its the psu not being able to handle the load
Happens when the card is only around 15-25% (I play a lot of APB lately) I've never had it crash during a game of BF3 or Diablo 3 or Batman AA/AC. But then again i've never played them for more than a few hours straight.

Originally Posted by maverick_brent View Post
Unplug some hdd and whatever else u can that is drawing from the system and run a 670 did this but uninstalling gputweak and installing afterburner fixed it
Theres only one thing I could unplug and thats my second harddrive, and thats the one that has all my content on. :( But ill try and get afterburner, and i'll see.

Originally Posted by Chareon View Post
The power supply sounds ok for the system you've listed. I'm more likely to blame a failed component on the GPU myself. Time to fire up an RMA?
Thats what ive been told, that my power supply should be enough. And I guess it might be. Im going to try a few more things first. Atleast I got my back up card (EVGA GTX 560Ti SC).
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