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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
You are correct you can not have SLI enabled and run two monitors. <snip> If I enable SLI then the display on my 19" and the TV will not work, but with it disabled I can run all 3 displays at the same time.
Good to know it is just a software setting. I tried asking on the nVidia forums but the jerks just ignored me. I guess this question is not 1337 enough.

Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
This is why I like to use UltraMon. I can have apps stretched across the 22" and 19" and have not noticed any issues.
What happens if you span two monitors with a movie window? I have not done much with dual monitors on my 8800 but my 6800 craps out if I try to do any fancy accelerated graphics or video overlay in a spanned window.

Most of the bling that ultramon provides I just do not find handy. To each their own. I would really like to see the source code.
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