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Originally Posted by ZZLEE View Post
Shackelton Crater on the moon might have water. Man on the moon becomes a posabilty.


Well the geology world everyone believes that there is water on the moon. It is also generally excepted that the moon used to be a piece of earth until a planetisimal the size of Mars collided with earth... The impact was thought to be so big that the earth melted and chunk of molten earth flew off and assumed orbit around the earth. The spin generated by the ejection made the molten moon spin thus giving it it's round shape. Some people also believe that this is why our planets spin is off kilter because it was knocked off.

So if earth has H20 it would only make sense that the moon would at the very least have traces of it even though since it has no atmosphere a lot of it could have been lost into space.

P.S I would love to go and I know a few of my geology professor would also love to go... imagine being the first geologist to ever to study Mars rocks? Pretty cool stuff, it would make one a legend in the world of geology.

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