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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
It doesn't necessarily mean there is zero chance of ever coming back. They could send recovery missions later. Don't forget that the cost and difficulty of doing a return mission would be way way more than the one way ticket.

Now as for why do this? Well if done right it could very well be the first permanent settlement on a different world. Think about it, the explorers of the past did basically the same thing, sailing out in search of new lands with very little chance of even returning home. If we let something like that stand in our way then we would still be in the caves we all started in.
What you're missing is that those people, or early 'pioneers' had very specific reasons for setting off.. some wanted to escape poverty and disease, some saw an entrepreneurial opportunity, and some simply wanted to start a new life - not to mention that most brought their whole families along as well. Exploration alone would make sense if it was a journey into the unknown, but what is there to be discovered on Mars that we don't know already? Our technology is so advanced that we've been able to test out equations on whether or not there is a life (bacteria) on Mars. If this is a forerunner for off world colonization then why isn't the government involved?

I'm not condemning this nor am I against it, just very surprised that there a regular people like you and I that would actually want to go.

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