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Originally Posted by Cptn Vortex View Post
Hi guys, I am having no ends to my router troubles....First my DGL-4300 dies on me, so I replace with a DIR-655, which is now starting to screw up too. I daily have to do a router/modem refresh, usually 2-3 times.... Today, took me an hour and a half before my net was up again.

SO, in the time it took me to get my internet back up, I put together a pretty basic machine, which I want to be my own router/firewall. Its a basic 1.4GHZ P4, 512 RAM and 80 or so GB HD. Any ideas as to what OS to run?? I dont have an optical drive, can I boot from USB? I already have dual 100mb NICs in there, so one in, one out I guess??

I am a big networking n00b, any help is much appreciated!!
Welcome to Express 3.0! -

But your going to need 2 network cards..

1) For local access to machine
2) For network access to a switch
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