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Originally Posted by Dwayne View Post
I have to leaf through pages of stupidly price 299,999,999g items to find upgrades now. It would be nice if Blizz could find a way to influence the pricing, since no one I know has spend 20m on an item in the AH.
You know you can just set your max buyout number right?
Set that to 1m or whatever your limit is then sort from high to low.

I hear you on prices though. For even a modest upgrade to my monk gear I'm looking at 5m per piece.

Highest value sale I've had was some shoulders with 240-ish str, vit and resist all which ended up selling for just under 9m. I had no idea what their value was so just opened bidding at 1m.

Had a few weapons that have sold for 4-5m, and an amulet with 580 LoH & 40% MF that sold for 3m (yeah, I WAY under-priced that one!)

In terms of characters, I have three 60's:
Monk was first, and is primary MF'er - going dual-wield life per spirit spent build
WD is stuck in act 3, waiting for better gear to proceed (so is monk actually)
Barb just hit act 1 inferno and is level 60

Got a DH and Wiz half way through act 1 normal...really need to go play those, but this WW barb is too much fun.
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