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Well, after looking for hours I settled on the following for my audio needs - SPDIF coaxial to 5.1/2.1 Channel AC3/DTS Audio Decoder Gear Surround Sound Rush
It's an audio decoder, allowing me to feed it optical from my onboard sound card and have it output to each of the 6 channels separately (no point in going 7.1 or trying to find one as my amp is 5 channel).

Unfortunately they only ship to the states, so I bought the EXACT same one from Deal Extreme for 53$ (and a few other things) and chose their express shipping. I also order 6 3-foot digital coaxial audio cables to run from the audio decoder to the amp/sub woofer. The reason I went with 3 feet is the fact I have a rather long optical cable so I can keep the decoder near the sub/amp.
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