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Originally Posted by le2key View Post
Wow there's actually some of you that would want to go? Going to Mars and never coming back is one the most depressing notions I've ever come across. I'm all for human endeavours and new discoveries but man, the thought of just staying out there alone, never again having the chance to be in the presence of loved/cared ones is just a drab.

It doesn't necessarily mean there is zero chance of ever coming back. They could send recovery missions later. Don't forget that the cost and difficulty of doing a return mission would be way way more than the one way ticket.

Now as for why do this? Well if done right it could very well be the first permanent settlement on a different world. Think about it, the explorers of the past did basically the same thing, sailing out in search of new lands with very little chance of even returning home. If we let something like that stand in our way then we would still be in the caves we all started in.
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