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Originally Posted by Galcobar View Post
Sounds more like it's a setup for a reality show than a genuine intent to reach Mars. Selecting crew before the ability to undertake the mission exists is rarely a good idea.
While I agree with the first part about it being like a reality show I disagree with the last part. The reason is that the ability to undertake the mission does exist. Frankly it has existed since the moon landings. Hell this idea of the one way is even easier since they don't have to worry about having the fuel to take off again. I'm not saying that there is not vastly better tech to make sure it is a successful mission but the fact remains it is possible right now.

I actually think this is a great idea. If it was not for having my kids I would jump at a chance for this. I don't like the idea of turning the training camp into a reality show as that just frankly stinks and would leave a bad taste in my mouth, not a good way to start everyone off on the right foot.

That said I would love to see this succeed. I really believe we are way behind where we should have been in the exploration and colonization of space. Although I do think we should have built a base on the moon by now as that would have greatly increased our ability to build larger ships for interplanetary and eventually inter galactic travel. But we have instead spent the untold billions on war across the globe, such a shame, how far we could be by now.

Anyways bring on Mars.

P.S. Asked my wife, she said no go for me.

Some other articles discussing it:
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