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Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
I have been reading some things that seem to say you can not do dual monitors in SLI. At all. Can some one set me straight here?

You are correct you can not have SLI enabled and run two monitors. But if you do have 2 cards like my two 8800 GTs, you just have to disable SLI in the Nvidia control panel and you can have a dual/triple/quad display.

Basically I have my one 22" monitor connected to one of my 8800 GTs, then I have my TV and my 19" monitor connected to my other card. If I enable SLI then the display on my 19" and the TV will not work, but with it disabled I can run all 3 displays at the same time. Just remember that most games will only run on the primary monitor.

Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
Also, I find programs do not run well if you have some of the window on one screen and some on another. Palettes (like the ones in PhotoShop) are fine but if the main window is on both screens, even if it is just one row of pixels, response goes down. You may want to test this out a bit.

You may also want to change the settings from dual view to horizontal span (or vice-versa). I do not like span mode because the task bar goes all the way across the bottom of both screens and dialogs and new windows pop up half on both screens but some people actually like it.
This is why I like to use UltraMon. I can have apps stretched across the 22" and 19" and have not noticed any issues. Also ultramon allows you to enable or disable a taskbar on each monitor, and also have it so that any apps open on that display only show up on that displays task bar. You can also set programs to always open on a certain display.

I can also set up wallpaper that allows me to have a seperate picture for each monitor or one single image stretched across all displays.
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