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Originally Posted by JD View Post
Once you flash the modem via CWM, and it automatically installs and becomes active. You can only have one modem. You can check it under Settings > About phone. It's listed under baseband.

Devil's kernel is pretty good I find but ultimately up to you to decide as there's many choices.

I still get texts from Virgin, probably just hasn't been any sent since you flashed. So having it say Bell definitely isn't an issue. They are the same company anyways.

Glad my thread helped you join the bright side
Thanks JD, and your thread really did make it much easier for me...the first time I tried I learned that the Samsung Vibrant really isn't the Vibrant but i9000...

Where do I select which modem - I thought I flashed the whole zip file, no?

Is there somewhere I can find these kernels, specifically the one you're referring to?

Thanks again for all your help.
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