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Originally Posted by Behemoth- View Post
When you stream from a device such as a tablet or a smartphone with XBMC, I believe it streams the files in its original format? (IE, uncompressed)

I usually rip my blu-rays to uncompressed MKV files. It works fine trough my gigabyte network, but Wifi N does not have enough throughput to handle those files.

While I'd prefer to browse my files on XBMC from a remote device, isn't something like Airplay It better suited for streaming to phones and tablets? A server can compress the file, making it suitable for a Wifi connection. It works quite nicely on the iphone, and I look forward to try it on a tablet..
I don't think this is about Phones/tablets running XBMC (Though my Ipad runs it and for the most part I don't have issues with it.) but rather cheap settop boxes running XBMC with no issues.

Pooh and I just bought an AD04 to use as an XBMC box. Oh well.
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