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BWE3 has come and gone and I miss it already, I tried a necro but is wasn't really my style (although stacking bleeds in sPvP was a ton of fun, people would get low and try and run way too late when I get 9 stacks of 12 second bleeds for 113 dps you aren't going to alive unless you pack some condition removal.

Balance seemed pretty good, servers were alright not perfect but they were only down for very short periods of time and they only had 9 or so open (they had capabilities for over 48) so they forced the worlds to fill up. The mobs were a little too easy for me in the starter areas, I personally liked BWE1 when at any point in time you could just be 1 hit but I do realize a lot of players thought that wasn't very fun. No game breaking bugs however there are some inconvenient ones. Over all I would say if this was launch weekend I would be very happy with the results however there are some things they could clean up before launch. I heard on the Anet stream that a lot of the bugs we experienced had already been fixed on their internal test servers so they have a whole month for pretty much pure polish.
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