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Unhappy My Viewsonic monitor does not display it's native resolution properly

I am using two monitors, one of which is my Viewsonic VT2430M.

While my primary monitor works perfect, the second monitor does not display it's native resolution of 1920x1080 properly. It overscans the image in a weird way and causes it to be very blurry. Several lines on each side are overscanned outside the frame.

The issue only exists with HDMI (either HDMI-HDMI, or DVI-HDMI which I prefer). I have a PlayStation 3 connected via YPbPr Component, and it displays 1080i perfectly. I also tried VGA and it displays perfectly, but I do not have VGA output on my PC.

I tried other resolutions, and the one with the least problems is 1680x1050, even though it is not the actual aspect ratio. It's far from optimal, and I would much prefer using the display at it's native resolution of 1080p.

It is connected to my Radeon HD 6870 (in crossfire) through a DVI-HDMI connection. I tried switching the output it uses, as well as disabling crossfire and trying the 2nd card to no avail. Again, my main monitor works without a hitch while the issues with my 2nd persists.

I searched the internet far-and-wide. is oblivious, which doesn't surprise me. People cite similar issues involving CCC underscanning, but my problem is different.

I tried the following:
  • Settings reset
  • Different monitor settings such as contrast, sharpness, .etc
  • Different software settings in CCC and Windows
  • Unplugging hardware and various other external tricks

All of which to no avail.

Some relevant info on my setup:
  • Monitor 2: Viewsonic VT2430M
  • Monitor 1: Samsung SMB2430HD (if it helps to know)
  • GPU: 2x AMD Radeon HD 6870 in Crossfire
  • Display Drivers: CCC 12.6 (latest as of now)
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit 6.2 build 7601

Does anyone know how do a hard factory reset on this thing, or a firmware upgrade/downgrade? I believe it worked fine out of the box.

If somebody can help, I would be extremely thankful. I probably will stop using the monitor if the problem persists.
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