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Originally Posted by crazyea View Post
Uh yeh. I guess so, but rather performance than brand. How many here did the same thing with Intel/AMD or Nvidia/AMD?

I used Seagate until WD had a better performing product, then WD until Seagate had a better product. I scattered a few hitachis in there somewhere. Never had a chance to buy the samsungs as they were already out of the market.

As for SSD's, I have had Vertex 2's, a RevoDrive X2, Corsair GT's, and Intel 520's.

None of this can hide the disaster Seagate faced with their poor drive firmware that bricked a bunch of drives and killed customer data. Same can be said for OCZ, except they also tried to pull a fast one over on their customers.
Seagate was also willing once they knew what the hell was going on to try and recover data for people for FREE. To me that says volumes despite the issue and that firmware issue only affected a certain percentage of drives that no longer has such an issue.

As I stated in another thread each manufacturer has had issues with drives... Hitachi was the deathstars, WD was the green fiasco and Seagate the firmware debacle.

Say what you want but Seagate drives are awesome and I have a .9 series running in my HTPC and although its a slow turd its reliable.
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