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My System Specs


Originally Posted by sakage.shinga View Post
Thanks. Yeah I didn't know about G. Skill memory needing constant 1.5v and so I had BIOS DRAM settings all at auto, which changes the voltage.

I do get BSODs regardless of overclock, but I'm suspecting that it was due to me not using XMP mode.

When I did overclock, I simply set BCLK to 190 and CPU ratio to 19. Changing to XMP, however, sets the BCLK to 160 and CPU ratio to 17.

I'm still looking for an overclock guide for my i5-750 that uses XMP mode.

If you can setup ram manually (like my board) then you don't need to set it to XMP, find the voltage for your ram and set it manually, then you can play around with speed and timings on the ram with your overclock. I had issues BSOD's and fail overclocks because ram voltage was set too low for my kit.
I think most 1600 MHz kits run at 1.65v but I also have 1600MHz kit that runs at 1.5v so check G.Skill site for the specs on your kit. If that fails then you might need more voltage to the memory controller but I doubt it since your getting BOSD's when not overclocked.

I don't think there is anything wrong with your ram and buying new stuff would be a waste unless your buying it to add (16BG) .
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