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Originally Posted by d3m0n5 View Post
sorry, wasn't trying to be biased but it was a personal opinion posted in my own private time based on my own past purchasing experience. I even recommended both Intel and Samsung drives and yes, I also work for Kingston but keep an open mind on the performance of the drives.

I apologize if my own personal opinion seemed too pro Intel, Samunsg or Kingston but these are good drives according to me and I only wanted to contribute to the forum, not start a flame war.
Recommend whoever you like, I know I do it on a nearly daily basis. Look, we all have our "go to drives" that we recommend to first time users (my list is very similar to yours). Be Pro whoever you want. We all have our favorites.

BUT - and you should know this as you are a professional in the industry - you NEVER and I mean NEVER slag another company in a public forum. You dont like Intel. No problem. I have nothing against that. I would never have called you on it. It didnt cross the line into libel. I was mainly calling you on saying "OCZ=garbage" and "OCZ still sucks and I highly recommend Kingston HyperX, Intel or Samsung, in other words, quality drives."

Do your realize how bad that looks when a company As representative does that? And yes you made yourself your companies "face" the moment YOU brought that into the conversation...."we" never would have. There are plenty of peeps here who work in the industry. Most you never would know that they do as they dont bring it up. We respect that. They dont want to be a rep for their company on ANY public forum and never speak ill of other companies PUBLICLY so its all good as far as I am concerned. Seriously, doing what you did is how lawsuits happen mate.

Feel free to speak your mind. But there is a big difference between saying Brand X drives are garbage and saying "Bran X drives are a less than optimal choice, why not try Brand Z". One way is polite the other is not.
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