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Default need a recommendation for a 'better' case than the SG07

I currently have a SG07 w/ window and it's a beautiful case. However, there are a few minor tweaks before I could call it a perfect case.

the things I love and want to keep:
*supports long gpus
*has a window to show off the GPU
*horizontal motherboard (directly related to the GPU window)
*ATX power supply (the size of the power supply isn't important, but I would like at least 600W and modular AND short cables)

the things I would change:
*add support for TALL gpus (such as the directCUII series)
*i only need support for 10.5" long GPUs, anything else is unnecessarily increasing the length
*only support one 2.5" drive (I would even be willing to go the 256GB mSATA route actually) (this is mainly to make things more compact)
*support for intake and exhaust case fans (so I can confidently use cards with open-air GPU coolers)
*get a modular powersupply
*i don't need external 5.25" drive bays
*support for tall CPU coolers (the noctua D14 specifically)

the things that sound nice but i don't actually want:
*support for water cooling
*more than 2 120mm intake fans and more than 1 exhaust 120mm fan
*additional PCIE slot so i can add a thick GPU (such as gtx 680 directCUII)

this upgrade isn't a MUST-HAVE for me; its just that I couldn't find anything that matched my wants.

ps the bitfenix prodigy is almost the perfect case; i would want a GPU window and I could do with the drive bay area being removed to make things more compact.
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