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Edit: I am going to leave me comments even though lil D here pulled his last comment where he said I dont know what I am talking about and how TPU's review are the be all and end all.

Nope not all knowing. Far from it. But I put about 200hrs into each review. How much testing have you done?

Honestly, fanboi it seems your reading comprehension skills are as poor as your people skills. I put all devices through multiple tests in multiple scenarios. sata 3, Sata 2, non-trim, custom synthetic, custom real world. You would know this if you actually read the reviews. But that would mean thinking other people's opinions matter.

I call you a fanboi as you are are biased against OCZ and you have also claimed multiple times that Intels are nothing special. Prove YOU are something special. Prove that you are not a fanboi but actually do represent a mfg'er. Prove that you know what you are talking about with some credentials.

So put up or shut up....or better yet DO BOTH.

Edit 2:

hmm IP for him is:
in the UK

tsk tsk mate. Wonder how much Kingston UK is going to be happy with you? Going around slagging other companies is NOT professional. At. All.

edit 3:

before he deletes his other posts.

Originally Posted by d3m0n5 View Post
Intel 520 is not custom firmware. Some models have RAISE disabled hence higher performance.
Intel 520 or Kingston HyperX 3K are good choices. Stick to sync ONFI2 NAND for best performance.
OCZ=garbage, lots of failures in the field.
Alternatively Samsung 830 is a great drive at a great deal!
Originally Posted by d3m0n5 View Post
intel toolbox merely probes Device identify of the drive and only accepts Intel branded drives, if I changed my SSD build to the same device name it would also work on the intel toolbox. The toolbox is a sales tool for intel, it's not like RST which is unlocked to any storage device.
Sorry I work in the engineering department of a SSD manufacter.
As for being biased, OCZ still sucks and I highly recommend Kingston HyperX, Intel or Samsung, in other words, quality drives. I'm biased toward quality products.
Originally Posted by d3m0n5 View Post
Reviews are reviews, I like seeing what the millions of different notebooks and desktops get in performance rather than what one reviewer got on one testing platform... If I wanted a review I would have clicked review thanks
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