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Default Quality essential android apps

I think its about time we compiled a list of quality android apps.

All these mobile markets boast bazillions of apps in their libraries which is complete BULLsit. 99.9999991% of the apps are complete trash or outright spyware disguised as something "pretty". The search feature in these markets are pretty useless too. you have almost no control over what gets displayed, and unless you know the exact name of what you want, the "search" feature is a waste of time.

So lets get a list started of apps that are actually worth the money/drive space. Couple things I don't want to see though... no 2 second time wasters. If its actually really GOOD and something you'd use a lot, then sure, but if its something simply "nifty" for 2 minutes, thats a POS and doesn't belong in the list. Another thing is that if its a "free" app, it must be "free", not "free" disguised as a "we're going to watch everything you do from this day forward and save it to sell to others" "free". If it needs rediculous permissions, then its a POS and doesn't belong here.

Other than that, lets givver!

Some Apps that I use often:

Netflix: for watching netflix.

Crunchyroll: because i'm a geek and watch a lot of anime because I'm a geek and need to learn lots of shiz

Adobe reader: for reading pdf files on my Asus T prime.

MXPlayer: for watching movies/videos. great no nonsense plug and play player. haven't found a file it wouldn't play yet.

Smart office2: It'll open doc, excell and powerpoint files, and allows limited editing. Not perfect, but the best there is available at the moment. (that I've found)

vconvertit: unit conversion tool. Be careful there are a lot of versions out there that are POS. vconvertit doesn't require any special permissions.

Zinio: magazine stand app. lots of inexpensive magazines offered here. I'm an avid reader.

Tethering Widget: Allows one click enable hotspot/teathering. very handy if you use your phone to give others wireless access. (which i use to enable my transformer prime a lot)

Flashplayer: Flash is a POS but i need it to watch online porn, so it sneaks in there.

Thats all i have right now, lets compile this list so we can actually have quality applications on our mobile devices for once.

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