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Thanks for that bit of knowledge. I never knew other Seagates also had that problem.

That said, I've had multiple PSUs to test on (purely coincidental; I was testing for VGA coil whine at the time), and back then, I always thought the sound was just coming from my PSU fan winding down. Turns out the chirping was coming from the new drive. (Btw, I own another older Seagate 1tb drive. Now that you mention it, it also has the "chirp" but it was never noticeable until I took a very careful listen while doing some tests yesterday)

From what I've read from user reports, even if the chirping is normal, the frequency at which it happens for the ST2000DM001, and other 1TB/platter drives, is not, on the lines of every 2 minutes. It seems like the only way to fix that is to disable APM via third-party software like CrystalDisk.

Anywho, I'm hoping, maybe baselessly, that the older replacement drive will have less or no chirping, or at least have it less pronounced like my 1tb.
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