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My System Specs


So I promised an update... so this is going to be a big one.

The day started off like any other. I looked at the case with distant but also with the though that... i need to do this thing justice.

But something is off.... i think the white balance..

Ah! i think thats a little bit better?

So lets drain the loop!!!

All i have to do, is pop this sucker off :D


Now its time to take everything apart.

Oh, it looks so very empty right now.... poor thing, I think that needs to change soon. no?

So with everything taken out and removed, its time for me to go and clean out the rad.
For this, i used boiling hot tap water and rinsed it out with distilled


alright, enough work on the dismantling, time for me to get some food in me.

but someone smells the food.... oh these big cats can smell it from miles away.

I think he wants some of that applewood smoked salmon.

Yup!!!! sneaky cat!

Thats my food!!! get your own!

Alright back to eating......

where was i?

oh yea but wait!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap.
My camera goes dead.

Then it comes back alive, skipping the entire rebuild v1.1.... i need a new camera.
i still have quite a few things i want to do to this build, so dont you worry, there will be more pics of the build process when i get new fittings, maybe a new GPU :D

but here are a few shots to wet your appetitite :D

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