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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Don't be an absolute asshole.. go read before you say anything... Not all reviews are just opinions of someone say "this seems faster"..

Sometimes I really wish there was a block button..
Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
user control panel, edit ignore list
Yeah. I would recommend that. I know I am. He is biased, doesnt want to listen to anyone's POV and most likely works for Intel's competition (if thats even true). Most people here know me and know I dont play favourites. I call like I see it and dont take anyone's side BUT THE CONSUMER. I dont care about brands. I care about what is the best options for customers.

IMHO Like Intel or hate them. Their 5 series are great kit that is better for many people's needs than a Sammy 830. BUT the Sam 830 is an excellent drive too! Both have excellent QA depts. Both have EXCELLENT rma depts. Both are not in it for a quick buck. Both take care of their customers.

Same goes for OCZ and his hate of them. They are one of the big dogs and thus competition. Hell, some people cant let go of the past (I got burned for over 20 sticks back w/ the original OCZ and their 'rma' dept but I still respect the NEW ocz and what they have done). Fact of the matter is OCZ helped put SSDs on the map. Samsung wasnt interested in anything besides the OEM market (and JM....ugh the less said the better about the original JMs the better!). OCZ took an unknown mfg're RISKED a crapload and made the Vertex 1 and gave home user enthusiasts a REAL option. Now they have done it again with the Vertex 4. Which is shaping up into a great drive and great competition for Intel, Marvell and the all the other big dogs.


And for the record. All the Storage reviews under the "reviews" section are mine. They are my benches as you so inelegantly put it. Lets see yours mate. Oh thats right. You are all about the 'big picture' and dont let reviews get in the way of your "facts". Oh and if you really do work for a company AND CAN PROVE IT you had better let the mods know. We dont let mfg reps slag other companies here anonymously. Do it, get your mfg'er banner or i will be reporting you and trying to get your ass banned.
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