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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Bios version is compared to some others here with end of 54 or 70.. worth updating?
I wouldn't unless I was getting problems...(which I was with the 2nd card) thread on people with the Windforce GTX 670, their ASIC and their OC. From the looks of it either I have the worst luck of all with 2 of the most terrible cards, or there is something in the production and distribution pipelines that makes it so that the retailer where I bought mine (NCIX) get the worst batch of them all...

People reporting stock boosts of 1200mhz, while my first card could barely do this at max barely stable OC and the 2nd card can't even OC and gets boost of 1086mhz...(cooling is not an issue as these cards never get past 62-63C).
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