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Default Looking to replace my Lachesis

I'm looking at replacing my razer lachesis mouse with something more reliable. I'm getting tired of the random/odd issues that plague razer mice *this mouse is a replacement for one that was within warranty that had its middle click fail, and my current one intermittently decides to not track- sometimes on boot, other times while my computer has been on*

Ideal characteristics:
-similar size/weight
-very low minimum DPI (lachesis tool can drop as low as 125dpi (or so it claims))
-close to a ~$60-75 price range

on the do not buy list:

I've at the very least felt some mice (most places either around here don't keep many mice on display, or simply don't stock them)
- I didn't mind the feel of the steelseries XAI and I think it was the sensei raw, couldn't try them out on a mousepad, only from in box though
-most logitech mice I've tried out (G9x and some of the non "gamer" mice) I'm not entirely sold on the feel

Any other suggestions out there?
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