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Rofl. Um yes the Intel 520 does indeed use custom IN-HOUSE firmware (that they spent over a year working on). SandForce opened up their code only for Intel. Thus the Intel 520 uses its OWN custom firmware. That is different than any other SF2281 drives. Is it based on stock?...of course. BUT because it IS custom firmware the Intel toolbox will fully work on a 520 but NOT on any other SF2281 drive. Dont beleive me? Try running the optimizer option in the toolbox on oh say a HyperX OR any non-Intel drive. ;)

The very fact you call one of the largest SSD providers with probably the largest group of models "garbage" just goes to show how biased you are.

Yes the 830 is good kit. I like it a lot. BUT the 520 w/ its toolbox is a better fit for most peoples needs. YMMV on this one and most peeps can NOT go wrong with either. ;)
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