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I just want to bring something up. While there ARE choices, quite a few residents of both Montreal and Toronto are SOL.

The reason I say this is that most new condo developments have in-place agreements with big telco which state that all residents are obligated to use their service. For example, it used to be that all resident's of Toronto's CityPlace needed to use Telus while the Trump Toronto has an agreement with Rogers. The same goes for Montreal where the upcoming Tour Des Canadiens is tied at the hip to Bell Fibe while Altitude only has service with Videotron. This goes for internet, TV and phones.

Nonetheless, I really can't see why some people would need more than 150GB per month. With Steam, Vudu and Netflix all running in parallel, I barely brush 100GB per month.

Back to the starting of this thread: if done with intelligence, you WILL NOT have an issue with Steam downloads and a reasonable cap (say 50GB+) unless you are either a game junky or have a ton of other download services running.
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