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Originally Posted by Jake_HT View Post
2.4 TB a month? WTF? no wonder there's data caps. You couldn't possibly go through that much content in a year.

Most i've ever used is a hair over 100GB in a month and I was doing quite a bit of downloading. I'm usually under 40GB, and I'm a heavy browser.

60GB sounds like a lame cap, but unless you're just filling your hard drives with porn, it's manageable.

I've got 400GB a month cap with Shaw, I will NEVER use half of it, unless I was purposely trying, in which case I deserve my overcharges for being a dick on the network.
Not going to say everything was above board but I was testing backup our work NAS to an offline site but accidentally set something that was to run once a month to once a day.

I will admit I used too much bandwidth that month but tiny caps are just a money making scheme. But I'll let subject drop.
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