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My System Specs


Dang. Well before I say anything. Thank you SKY/HWC! Thank you guys so much. Very nice review and definitely the best review so far on the 4870 on the internet. I would just love to see some 2 4870 CF benchies. Just dying to click the purchase button but want to wait and see. Wow I am going to move from a 8800 GTS 320 mb card to 2 4870's. Also I am wondering how much more of a frame rate increase will I get for a 1 gig version?

Anyways a few questions.

1. How much of an improvement do you think CF will get?
2. How much benefit will waiting for the 1gb version to come out?
3. Do you know anything on any manufacturer having a non reference heatsink coming out in the 4870 flavore or a company that allows after market heatsinks?
4. Guestimate at the performance of the 4870 X2 and guestimate the price. PLZ :)
5. Will my current PSU handle 2 4870 plus my overclock of my Quad?
6. SKY you deserve to get payed for the best reviews I can find.

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