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Originally Posted by vulcan500rider View Post
Thanks to all for the suggestions, so far. I'm leaning toward either the Touch or importing an S9...both of which are more expensive than I'd like, and that's with the S9 used, and the apple refurbished...
Hardware EQ and headphone amp aside, there's virtually no difference in sound quality between a Cowon player and an Apple product. (if anything, most "i" devices have better DACs) The headphone amp is a moot point for the Cowon, so if you don't actually use the EQ all the time, there's no point in paying a premium for a Cowon product.

If a refurb itouch is still too expensive for your tastes, just get a Sansa player. The Clip+ and Fuze have slightly better sound quality out of the box, memory expansion, Rockbox compatibility, and come WAY cheaper. All you're really sacrificing is the "smartphone" abilities of the itouch.
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