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My System Specs


6970: $200
HD: $55
psu: $60
SSD's:$200both $100-120ish each.
ram, cpu, mobo: $450

honestly though, id try just selling the mobo, cpu, ram as a combo as a 970 is equal to a 3820, and the 3570k/ or non k are about the same as a 3820, which you can usually find a combo pack on memxpress for around $300, so you wont notice any performance drop as im assuming you dont push your 970 far at all, and you can pocket around $100 after taxes.

Older sockets dont sell all that well here imo as when you do end up trying to sell them here, you get a lot less IMO compared to other sites like CL/ and especially Ebay. We factor way to many things that the normal buyer usually wouldnt so thats why imo if you sell here, that i7 will get sold for a lot less than it could have been. The gpu i wouldnt bother selling as its a great card and if you sell it what then? IGP or a lesser card that is a lot worse but not that much of a discount if you really think about it.
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