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My System Specs


Looks like I previously didn't try hard enough on the CPU unlock. I flashed to more stable bios and I'm running prime95 stable (90+ minutes) with 2 extra cores enabled. Also tried an hour of gaming without any issues. I'm now in the process of starting to ramp up the OC to what it was with 2 cores.

If I can get the now x4 550 to 3.5 would I be wrong in thinking a 7850 might just mesh well? I assume the cache not being designed to have all 4 cores would still be a hindrance. The main use of this rig will be Guild Wars 2, so I was hoping that an AM3 chip would still manage well enough. I'm not terribly concerned with performance in the few RTS I occasionally play. The Gtx 570 suggestion was something I thought about, but considering the price and lower vram, I figured the newer 7800 series was the way to go.

As for a new CPU/MOBO, I haven't been blown away by the new TN1 socket from AMD (although I'm going to go double check that now). Intel would end up doubling my original budget estimate so I'm holding off on building one of those. Is the new generation of AMD CPUs really worth the price for a gaming rig? I was hoping to keep the budget under 400 while moving up from the "budget gamer" series of cards.

I've gotten a bit off topic, but these two subjects seem to blend together fairly often. If I can get the CPU overclock to where I want it then I think I might just pull the trigger on the video card and see where I sit.
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