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Default After a year and a half, finally get to put my build together

Yeah, it's been that long collecting used parts and waiting for the money to buy the processor and motherboard (been going to the US for school and as I'm a contractor I wasn't getting paid when I was there. Makes things a little tough). Obviously I left that for last and just recently bought an I5 3570K along with a Z77 Sabertooth. The rest of my components are as follows....

Corsair 800D (bought new)
Patriot Viper Extreme 4x2gb (used)
Asus Xonar Essence STX (used)
Crucial M4 128gb (new)
Corsair F120 120gb (refurb RMA)
WD black 1tb (new)
Corsair H70 (used)
Scythe GT 1450rpm x2 (new)
MSI Golden N465GTX (used and flashed to 470)
Cougar GX700
Razer DeathAdder (new but free through Canada Computers points program).
LG DVD burner
IC7 diamond or whatever it's called

That's all the new and not so new stuff that has been put aside. Still have hard drives and a USB3 card to pull from the old computer.

Here is what I'm currently running so I expect a pretty big difference.....

Intel BadAxe 2
Q6600 @2.8ghz
8gb ram (mixed)
Nvidia 8800GT Alpha Dog
Auzentech Prelude
Intel X25 80gb
Corsair HX620
Plus a few more hard drives and a LG burner

I have to say working on the 800D is a wonderful thing. Lot's of room and cable management is going to be a breeze! It's a shame it isn't just a little bigger as I could have fit a mini fridge in there or something haha. And this is coming from an owner of a Silverstone TJ05 which supports an EATX board. I did get the upgraded SATA hotswap board and USB3 front panel which is installed.

My camera battery died so I haven't taken any pictures yet. I'll try to get a few before I'm completely done. I still have all the cable routing to do and it's not happening tonight so unless I get lazy I should have a picture or two tomorrow.

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