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Default Need MP3 Player Advice

Well, after almost 6 years of loyal service, I'm beginning to have trouble with my beloved Cowon D2. I've had it apart once already, and may still find a way to fix the switch that's giving me trouble, but I think I have to start looking at other options.

My first thought was to go back to Cowon, but what I can find of their current gen is unappealing or unavailable in Canada.

I love the toys inherent in an iPod Touch, but they're too expensive (even refurbished), they have no memory expansion capability (so I have to buy bigger to begin with--I'm thinking 32GB), and I HATE iTunes. Oh, and everything I read tells me that I'll be disappointed in the sound quality, particularly migrating from a Cowon.

That doesn't seem to leave a lot. I want excellent sound first and foremost, decent capacity, and resilience. Video would be nice, and other toys are interesting, but not must-haves.

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