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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
It's just not fun any more. I cannot do the grind. I just can't waste hours away chasing a pixellated item playing the same content over and over with no stimulation in reward. I would play dragon age origins over and over if I wanted to replay something. The sole point of playing video games is to have fun!!! So many people have forgotten that.

What ever happened to the good old sandbox games like UO where the struggle just to survive was the grind. You just played the game for what it was and had fun. Now it's all these stupid item/level based games which turns the game into pure grind.
Yeah I miss the days of my own UO shard where existance was litteraly all you fought for. You kept the dungeons of Destard , Depise etc etc at bay and fought hard to keep the land free.
The good old days....

Who knows what happened. EVE is still good if you can survive the learning curve.


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