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Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
This. Just buy whatever is cheapest IMO.
This...BUT with two potential modifiers.

Buy whatever is cheapest with the amount of warranty you are comfortable with from a mfg'er you have had positive past experiences with.

Ive had so many drives die on me over the years (well 20+ years of building rigs) AND have had so many GOOD ones from ALL the mfg'ers that I dont really have a brand preference anymore.

For some builds warranty matters. For others where the drive will just be idling (or sitting on a shelf filled with data as a backup drive)....I buy the cheapest.

The fact of the matter is ALL mfg'ers are reliable. But all mfg'ers make a small percentage that are bad. Its just a fact of mass production. Most of the bad ones die quickly (hell most are caught before they leave the factory!), but sometimes that extra couple years of warranty give priceless peace of mind.

Honestly, where you havent had good and bad experiences with them all...I would recommend that if you have had good luck with brand X and the difference is only a couple bucks...stick with brand X. If you have had bad luck with brand Y but brand Y is the cheapest....spend the couple extra and get a different brand. If you dont care about brand names think about warranty. Then chose the cheapest with the most warranty.
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